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  • Some More Thoughts on Scam Orders...

    Posted 17-01-21 by David

    A couple of beauties here, including Roberto Sgueglia of 27 Ronnie Cr, Schenectady, New York, USA, and "Naomi McQuinn" of 141 Greenwood Drive, Bundoora. One of the downsides of online retail is that the scammers can have a go, but since we believe in fair play, we've got the Wall of Shame for their dirty deeds!

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  • Would The Real Dustin Martin Autograph Please Stand Up?

    Posted 24-10-20 by David

    Here are 5 signatures which may or not be from Richmond AFL legend Dustin Martin. Which, if any, are authentically his? Here we show that being sure of the provenance of your memorabilia is hugely important, especially when signatures can vary greatly.

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