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  1. Authenticity of Products
  2. How to Order
  3. Easy lay-by option
  4. Payment Information
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  7. Returns Policy
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Authenticity of Products

When it comes to memorabilia, authenticity is everything.

All of our products come with Sports Online’s 100% Guarantee of Authenticity. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantee affirms that all of the autographed memorabilia items offered here are genuinely hand-signed by the individuals and teams indicated.

Our total commitment to authenticity means that we only acquire our products from credible, reputable suppliers. We conduct regular due diligence of our suppliers and maintain a database of player signings and the dates and locations of signings wherever this is known. Where possible, we include such information on the Certificate of Authenticity.

To provide consumer confidence, we offer independent third-party AMA authentication and certification for many of our products. This process occurs in conjunction with Australia’s most-respected independent authentication service.

Given the critical importance of authenticity, it is important to emphasise that should you have any questions whatsoever about the authenticity of our products, please ask us prior to purchase. Indeed, it cannot be emphasised strongly enough that any questions about authenticity or about any of the characteristics of the items advertised on this site should be considered in light of this information as well as the information available in our product descriptions.

With this information in mind, you can shop with the confidence that you are getting the 'Real McCoy' from one of Australia’s most-trusted retailers of authentic memorabilia.

In addition, please note that whilst the images of our products are representative of the items offered, the exact location and sizes of individual signature may sometimes vary with that shown. Again, we welcome any questions or queries about such matters prior to purchase.

Further information about our terms and conditions and common questions about issues such as international shipping can be found in the FAQ section of our site.

Thank you for considering the fantastic range of memorabilia offered by Sports Online, an Australian-owned and operated business of excellent reputation for more than 20 years.

How to Order

Shopping with us is easy, the only hard part is deciding what you want! At any point you can change your mind or cancel your order. Choose either Unframed or Framed option and Add to your cart. You can then either keep shopping or checkout.

Checking out- Fill in all your personal details here for delivery of your item including contact details. When satisfied with this page, press continue.

Payment Page -Please check over the details you have entered and enter your payment option. You can also add any message to our order department here e.g. Please layby this order.

We offer a number of different payment methods:

  • credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • cheque (we will not send out goods until the cheque has been received and cleared)
  • money order
  • direct deposit BSB 032388 Account: 260365

For speed and reliability, credit cards are our preferred options.

Tax Invoice- After you confirm your order is correct you will receive a confirmation Tax Invoice which you should print out. This gives you your order number which you can use to refer to when contacting us.

Now all you need to do is wait for your order to be delivered which depends on the item and stock availability. This is usually 2-4 weeks. Feel free to contact us by email or phone to check your order status.

Please note that there may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason.

Easy lay-by option

We offer an easy lay-by system whereby you can purchase from us and make monthly interest free payments. To utilise this system, please click on the product you are interested in purchasing. Then, under Purchase Options, click on 'Part payment'. This will allow you to order securely online to make a lay-by arrangement. If an item was purchased through our part payment lay-by process and you wish to discontinue the part-payment process, any payments made to that point will be forfeited unless you provide sufficient reasons for Sports Online to do otherwise. At a minimum, the first payment of the lay-by will be forfeited. The $50 refund administration fee normally charged for full payment sales will not apply in such cases.

Payment Information

We have tried to make payment options as easy and convenient as possible by providing you with several different methods to pay for your order:

Credit Cards & our security system

Using your credit card online is by far the most convenient method of payment. Sports Online will accept your Visa, MasterCard, American Express payments through our easy to use and secure payments system. At no time are any of your personal details unencrypted or insecure during the entire ordering process. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL encrypts your credit card number by transforming the data into an unreadable format. Only an authorized processor can convert this information to complete the transaction.


You can choose to complete your purchase offline. Just give us a call on 0481 703 477. You will receive confirmation of your order by return email or phone call.

Post a Cheque

If you want to pay by cheque, pick the 'cheque' payment option, print out your invoice twice and then post your cheque with one copy of the invoice to:

Sports Online
PO Box 984,
Kings Langley, NSW 2147
Orders paid by personal or company cheque must clear before the order can be sent.

Delivery Time

Please feel free to contact us regarding delivery times, many of our items are kept in stock, others need to be ordered, some need to be framed. These variables mean that delivery times may vary from item to item but is usually from 2-4 weeks.

Shipping Costs

All shipping costs shown are for domestic shipping only. Where possible, no additional shipping costs will apply for international shipping of unframed items. This is generally advised in the product description. If in doubt, please ask us. For framed items, international shipping costs will be advised after framing when a shipping cost quote is obtained. Customers will be advised of this cost and the item shipped after the cost is paid to Sports Online.

Returns Policy

Sports Online operate according to strict quality control guidelines to ensure that all items are delivered in brand new condition. Refunds do not include postage and handling and will incur a $50 administation fee for 'change of mind' full payment returns. This will only occur if your 'change of mind' is considered appropriate to the proprietors of the business. In other words, buying our products is NOT like shopping at Big W or K-Mart. Once you have ordered, we may order the product, at our own expense, from one of our suppliers. Since we generally can't return it to them, you generally can't return it to us. If we do accept the return, the product must be returned in original condition and packaging, with all accessories and contents and of course, your receipt. It must be returned at YOUR expense. If an item was purchased through our part payment lay-by process and is returned for a change-of-mind reason, all payments of the lay-by may be forfeited and the balance will be refunded at the concurrence of Sports Online, ie. We need to agree, in writing, to your return of the piece.


We can refund your credit card (if you used one), or we can post a cheque or provide a gift certificate to the value of the refund. This can be redeemed on any future purchase.

Which of these it will be will depend entirely upon the circumstances and the reasons for which the refund is requested. Given the fact that our website describes products accurately and includes images of the products offered for sale, simply "disliking the product" may, at best, result in a gift voucher less the processing fee described above as well any shipping costs incurred in returning the item to us in "new condition".

Agreement Terms

  1. The sale agreement (order) is a legally binding contract between you and Sports Online. This contact may be impacted by any of the following additional conditions and information.
  2. All prices include GST.
  3. All goods purchased by you remain the property of Sports Online until you have paid in full. Once the goods are paid for in full, the title will pass to you.
  4. Orders made by you for products on our website are not binding on Sports Online until accepted by us.
  5. Sports Online will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that information on the website is accurate and correct, but makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information. Sports Online assumes no liability for any errors or omissions contained on the website.
  6. By accessing or shopping on this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  7. You agree that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions contained on this website.
  8. You are not permitted to use the Sports Online or Wide World of Sports trademark, logo or any graphic without the express written authority of Sports Online.
  9. Copyright in material contained on this website is held and asserted by Sports Online, or is licensed to Sports Online. The information contained on this website may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever, and includes but is not limited to copying, disseminating, transmitting, posting or downloading the information by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or recording without the express written permission of Sports Online.
  10. Should an incorrect price be found on the Sports Online website, Sports Online will immediately seek to correct the price at the earliest opportunity and shall offer any customer who purchases at this price an immediate refund or credit.
  11. Should an order be impossible to supply for any reason (such as an inability to fulfil an order on the part of our suppliers), Sports Online will offer an immediate refund to the customer.

ABN Number : 39 134 353 906

Official Products

We have a huge catalogue of official products from a wide range of sports: The Wallabies, All Blacks, AFL, Cricket Australia, Soccer Australia, NBA and more!

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