Would The Real Dustin Martin Autograph Please Stand Up?

Posted 24-10-20 by David

We get all sorts of questions and claims about signature authenticity.  After all, it's fundamental to the nature of memorabilia.

Sometimes, when a signature is slightly different to what is expected, or not exactly as shown in the sample photo, nob-heads grouch and complain and make all sorts of allegations.  This does our heads in!

And so, in the interests of giving everyone a chance of being a signature expert, here I present 5 images of the signature of Richmond AFL legend Dustin Martin, later today to play in the 2020 Grand Final.

As you can see, each signature is different.  Some are significantly different from others.  Not one is the same as any other.  But, the core question is, which one(s) is/are real?  

Here are the options: 1. One is the real Dusty Martin signature.  2. More than one is real.  3. All are authentic (even if very different).  4. None are actually signed by the Richmond legend.

You may first like to do some quick internet research and find what you think is the real Dustin Martin signature and them come back and review these.

I'm happy to offer a 10% discount on anything on the site if you answer correctly - just drop me a line at info@sportsonline.com.au

Good luck!








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