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Posted 10-04-15 by David

Vale Richie Benaud

Like many of you, I feel that I've spent all of my life listening to the late, great Richie Benaud, the doyen of commentators, our great all-rounder, and inspiration to so many around the world.  From Parramatta High School and the Cumberland Cricket Club, he made a difference to the lives of millions.  I am proud to offer a very limited range of Richie Benaud personally-signed memorabilia.

PLEASE NOTE - Sports Online has been Australia's leading cricket memorabilia retailer for more than 15 years.  We have been selling Benaud-signed items for as long as we've been selling Bradman or Marsh or Lillee.  We are not seeking to 'commercialise' the death of anyone in some kind of trivial manner.  We are in the business of selling memorabilia, items that help people remember great events and great people, both now and in the past.  In my own case, I recall buying a piece signed by David Hookes on the day following his tragic passing.  He was my boyhood hero.  It's still on my wall at home.  This message simply indicates that we continue to supply authentic memorabilia that provides a link to those who have made a mark on sporting history.  If indicating that we sell pieces signed by the great Richie Benaud causes any offence, please accept our sincere apologies and, if you wish, feel free to come back to our site any time in the future as we acquire and add great pieces that remember great players and events.




One of the most-amazing pieces I've ever offered.  Two available.  Offered for the first time today.


Richie's worn jacket, signed.  An incredible piece of cricket history.  Genuine.  Authentic.


Our exclusive tribute piece, personally signed.


The Tied Test - personally signed by Richie Benaud and Wes Hall.  Very limited stock remaining.



A wonderful piece.  Again, very limited stock remaining.  Please click on any of the images to go to the product page.  Thanks.

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