Sports Online's Dr David Poole Recognised For Expertise

Posted 25-07-15 by David

Just a few months ago, Sports Online's David Poole was recognised for his knowledge of memorabilia via an appearance on the popular TV program "The Morning Show" on Channel 9.

You can find the link here:

As Dave comments, Channel 9's confidence in his knowledge is great news for Sports Online's customers, past and present:

"This is an industry, much like the art world, famous for the few bad apples who engage in dodgy deals.  The FBI estimated that 70 to 80 percent of all signed sports memorabilia on eBay, for example, is likely to be a forgery or in some other way not what it purports to be.

"A well-known "rort" is for someone to obtain a real signature from a real star, taking a "selfie" as they do so, but then use the same photo when selling tens or hundreds of the same piece when the star may have really only signed one or two of the original piece put up for sale.

"Like everyone, I've made some mistakes in business, as well as enjoying the nice messages of sport from the many, many satisfied customers of Sports Online Memorabilia.  I remain happy to continue to provide great products at great value, and to provide information to those interested in the value of their items, as well as a clue or two about product authenticity."

Alick Kitchin of EBS, are you listening?!

As always, I appreciate the support of our loyal customers and continue to build my knowledge base in particular sports such as cricket, boxing, soccer, rugby union, and rugby league.  Onwards and upwards!

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