Some More Thoughts on Scam Orders...

Posted 17-01-21 by David

We hope you have the chance to check out some of the great new items that we've been adding to the Sports Online Memorabilia website each week.  In the meantime, though, we've got a couple of beauties from the world of scam orders and scamming customers.

Case study 1 is Roberto Sgueglia of 27 Ronnie Cr, Schenectady, New York, USA, Phone: 518 356 1342, email

Good old Roberto Sgueglia bought $3,000 of our items via our small eBay sales channel, asked for and received an eBay refund for every cent....and kept the items.  So, Roberto Sgueglia now becomes part of the "Sports Online Hall of Shame" for not only have the gall to order and then obtain a refund but has now kept the items.  A better thief we could not find.

We have found another recently, though.

Case Study 2 is Naomi McQuinn of 141 Greenwood Drive, Bundoora Victoria, 30183, who in December purchased 2 Peter Brock items with a scammed credit card, another "Hall of Shamer" from our list of individuals using stolen credit cards, a list provided in another blog post of late last year.

None of you can of course equal the fastest bowler in history, Jeff Thomson, who still owes us $25,000+ and who changed addresses and declared bankruptcy in order to avoid paying what he owed us.  Nice one, Thommo!


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