Oh, Jeff Thomson, You've Done It Again!

Posted 13-01-20 by David

Many of our customers recall that Jeff Thomson was exposed on "A Current Affair" in 2012 as owing Sports Online more than $20,000.  This situation included the fact that we had returned a Baggy Green Cap and Australian Test jumper purchased from him earlier that year after a commitment was made by Thommo to return our funds for the items.  He had apparently (according to other Test players of the time who assured us of this) organised to sell them on for a much higher price.  Foolishly, I agreed to this "fair" deal.  Ugh!

Now he appears, it seems to us, to be selling the same items for Bushfire Relief.  A fantastic cause.  A noble gesture.  Just a pity we weren't asked for our views.  After all, we're still paying the purchases off!

Oh well, let none of us (such as the superbly named "Cleary Hoare" firm of solicitors who defend him at every corner or the Lloyds Auctions company (who've been provided with this information) selling these items do other than recall the following information, published without question many years ago!:

By the time Macartney was welcoming Thomson to WSC, the ACB was inviting him to a NSW Equity Court witness box.  For twelve excruciating hours his testimony has held to the light so its WSC watermark showed.  Despite WSC’s thundering QC, Tom Hughes, Thomson was a terrible witness.  As his biographer David Frith wrote: ‘It was an agonised chapter of details forgotten by him, of places and people unfixed chronologically and contracts and schedules and declarations signed without having been read with no copies left for the signatory. Asked if he would sign a letter written for him without reading it, Thomson told the court: ‘I have written very few letters on my behalf in my time.’ 


(Gideon Haigh,The Cricket Revolution, 30th Anniversary ed.,  2007, pp.209-210).


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