Official Memorabilia and Moments In Sport - A Reflection

Posted 17-01-16 by David

This industry never ceases to amaze me.  Fakes abound, many within the industry appear to be refugees from the quick-sale home insulation industry, and the stories about the disaster which is Official Memorabilia continue to abound, this time from a new guy in the industry.

So, this guy, Adam Bullivant of Cranebrook out near Penrith, a bloke who delivers lunches to schools all day during the week, presumably while regularly checking out his emails and website, jumps into the industry and is instantly a new darling of Official Memorabilia (SE Products - Matt Davies and Shane Corben - both grubs, up there with Thommo).  

On the side, like so many in this industry, he doesn't mind where his next quid comes from, so sells some stuff to me (are you listening here, Matt and Shane, old chaps?) but, again, as is typical in this industry, when he is in debt to me he conveniently has no way of paying, despite having just taken his family on holidays to Queensland for a week.  You see, in terms of his excuses, Adam is (a) in hospital with a cold that "might" be pneumonia, (b) mourning the passing of a relative, and (c) unable to pay since a customer who bought an Ali robe (poor bloke bought another Official Memorabilia fake Ali product....guys you really have to stop selling fakes as it gives the few decent guys in this industry a bad name.  The only thing he didn't offer was (d) that a dog ate his homework, presumably because he is not delivering to schools right now because they are on vacation!

Anyhow, while we were still communicating and before he decided to give me the Elton John, I told him about the unethical sods at Official Memorabilia/SE Products with whom he was dealing.  Clearly, rogues love rogues, don't they, so it was a waste of breath on my part.

Still, Adam gave me a great example of SE's manipulation of this industry and its continued abuse of its monopoly position, a position it enjoys at the behest of another company, Velocity Brand Management, headed by a chap who may have an equity stake in SE, although I'm not certain of this (but surely wouldn't be surprised).  Anyhow, let's allow Adam tell the story:

First, his view on fake products after spending only a few months in the industry:

"There are too many people selling fakes and too many people who don't care. Too many people these days are happy to pay less as long as it looks good which is killing us all.."

Next, what he learned quickly about SE Products:

"Seems to be the few companies who have it all and can do what they like and are simply been looked after by SE as there (sic) mates."

Third, his view on the Muhammad Ali "signed" robes released by SE Products/Official Memorabilia in conjunction with their mate Russell Taylor (Taylormade Memorabilia):

"To be honest with you my framer said the exact same thing about the robes that they were 100% fake due to his illness how the hell would he be able to sign is as it appears on the robe.."

And, finally, the ways in which SE Products have "missed a trick" as they chase sales and damn the poor retailers who might depend on them:

"I did get a bit suspicious thou when I ordered a Ronaldo and MESSI signed boot which they get from icons overseas. When I received them the edition number in the frame said 25/20 of 20. So I sent it back to them and they sent it back with new backdrop with the edition number 16/20.

I didn't think too much into it at the time other then a genuine mistake. But with what your saying it's just another on a long list of fraudulent activities they undertake."

So, there you have it.  A neophyte who sees it all, already.  SE and their dodgy Ali robes and their giving products to mates while others languish and, worst of all, being caught out by producing number 25 in an edition of 20.


And, oh yeah, Adam, I'm still waiting on my money.  Cheers.



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