MasterCard, Visa and South Australian Police: Caring Less About Fraud!

Posted 16-09-20 by David

We love selling our items to real customers who, well, pay, but we are now in the midst of a flood of scam orders that in virtually case are (a) emanating from South Australia, particularly Adelaide, and (b) use MasterCards for payment, often with (c) several MasterCards being first tried before one works!

You'd think that the South Australian Police would care about this.  They don't.  We've filed official reports and responded with additional information.  It seems to be a permanent Rostered Day Off amongst the Adelaide constabulary.  Perhaps they have ducked down to Glenelg for a dip?  No response, despite official CyberCrime submissions and "promises" that the matter had been referred.  Sadly, this is clearly tosh.

And MasterCard and Westpac?  No response despite the obvious patterns of repeated cybercrime playing out in front of their eyes.  Hopeless.

So, to begin with, here is the "Honour Roll" of Adelaide addresses to which the criminals have asked for their orders to be shipped:

30 Columbia Crescent, Hallett Cove, SA  5158

40 Hamilton Crescent, Aberfoyle Park, SA 5159

49 Spinnaker Circuit, Sheidow Park, SA  5158 (greetings to "Joshua Robinson" at that address)

10a Wheaton Road, Plympton, SA  5038 (hi to "Jess Witt" there)

11 Riddoch Crescent, Woodcroft, SA 5162

Based on the similar spelling errors and lack of capitalisation in these orders and the use of Gmail addresses for all orders, our educated guess is that the same person is behind all of them.

...but nobody seems to care.

And now, on 3 October 2020, let's add Rafael Caetano of 3 James Road, Happy Valley SA 5159, phone 0468 885 698.

Our friend Rafael Caetano, who claims to be a Brazillian student studying at Pacific International College, used 3 cards before his order for (a) basketball items to, yes (b) an Adelaide suburb, went through, despite our site very clearly, deliberately and obviously stating that every item ordered must be paid for via PayPal or EFT......what a joke.  After days and days of emails, he has not provided images of any or all of the cards used to show that they are his (although we love that 2 of them have the same expiry date as EVERY OTHER SCAM ORDER!) and that he he refuses to pay the order bit by bit via PayPal with his card ("his card") fully refunded as the payments are made, thus proving that the order is legitimate, credible and real.

The scammers and the scammed.  The mockers and the mocked.  Rafael Caetano, if your English is really so bad that you missed the obvious information about how to pay for these basketball items being sent to another Adelaide suburb, how the hell did you get into a higher education institution in Australia, a college that is obviously a visa path rather than anything remotely educational.  I should know.  I taught at several of these questionable colleges and rarely had a student there for anything other than the visa.  Excelsia College, Polytechnic Institute Australia, Elite Education Institute...come on down!  About as credible as our mate Rafael Caetano!

And, on 13 October, let's add another to the wall of shame:

The address is 27 De Laine Avenue, Edwardstown SA 5039 and the customer was listed as Natalie Gourdis but responds via email as Amanda Parks.  Amanda Parks and Natalie Gourdis....not quite the same name, is it?  Natalie/Amanda had an item returned undelivered which provided the alert but, of course, have not responded to emails since.  Bugger.

Next, we're up to 27 October and our dishonourable mention for scammer of the week goes to:

"Andrew Henshaw" of 182 Centre Dandenong Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192 who has pulled a stunning new fraud on our business by choosing a mix of sports and using a Visa card!  Andrew Henshaw, come on down.  Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell would both bow down before your very chutzpah of scamming style and spunk.  So, 182 Centre Dandenong Road, Cheltenham, you are the latest participant in a long and dishonourable line of scam artists!

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