Shafted by Shannons and Gutted by Gallo - A Rotten Tale

Posted 04-12-17 by David

An unusual tale of auction unprofessionalism has occurred over recent weeks.  The poor sod who has to bend over and cop this rubbish is yours truly.

A Michael Schumacher race-worn radio headset was sent to Shannons to auction and accepted by them.  Their acceptance also included a commitment to pass on the funds for the piece once sold.  If only.

It appears that the buyer, a "Tony Gallo" (or "Tony White", as he also called himself in the following days, claiming to be a "friend" of Tony Gallo) got cold feet and refused to abide by the conditions of sale at Shannons.  These were simple, as they are at any reputable auction house.  He registered.  He bid.  He won.  He flaked.  He rang one memorabilia dealer to discuss the deal and see if he could somehow get the item more cheaply by the "back door".  He rang the seller (ie. me) and said that he only wished to pay 60% of the agreed price.  He was a tool, though, also claiming that "he did not get out of bed for less than 50 grand."  He was great mates with the highest and mightiest.  He may as well have claimed to have been God's first born son, such was his blather.

When this didn't work, he put the pressure on Shannons and they went straight to water.  There were "discrepancies" he claimed.  The item was not what it was said to be.  

Over several emails today, it is absolutely clear that the item is everything it was claimed to be, claims that Shannons presumably checked prior to the event.  As late as last week, Stuart Robert of Shannons committed to Sports Online that the funds for the item would be received here today.  What bunkum.

My advice?  Steer well clear of Shannons Auctions and, if this is anything to go by, Shannons Insurance which I see already has very mixed customer reviews.

And Tony Gallo of Griffith or surrounds?  Mmm.  Steer even clearer of him.  I don't need to spell it out.  What a git.  Make sure you still have your cojones before you leave his place!



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